DrugLog for test against drug diversion at North American hospital

Pharmacolog and a North American hospital have signed an agreement to test DrugLog against drug diversion.

Drug diversion, theft and unapproved usage of narcotic drugs, is a common problem in health care today. Since DrugLog can identify such drugs, and also detect if they have been manipulated, makes DrugLog a possible tool to prevent this development. The interest in using DrugLog for this purpose has been strengthened in the recent past. After a period of negotiation, Pharmacolog has now signed an agreement with a North American hospital for a free evaluation of DrugLog against drug diversion.


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DrugLog on display at UCS sponsored Swedish Open

UCS Industrial in Linköping, contracted to produce yet another 5 DrugLog units for Pharmacolog, is the head sponsor of the Swedish Open squash tournament. At the booth in the exhibition hall, connected to the tournament facilities, UCS Industrial have chosen to put DrugLog on display as one of their more interesting productions for their customers.

Read more about UCS Industrial on their web site www.ucsind.se

Pharmacolog AB recive development loan from ALMI

Pharmacolog has been approved for a development loan of 2 MSEK from ALMI Företagspartner. The loan is given within the framework of the European instrument InnovFin.

“InnovFin – EU Finance for Innovators” is a joint initiative launched by the European Investment Bank Group (EIB and EIF) in cooperation with the European Commission under Horizon 2020.

InnovFin consists of a series of integrated and complementary financing tools and advisory services offered by the EIB Group, covering the entire value chain of research and innovation (R&I) in order to support investments from the smallest to the largest enterprise.



Pharmacolog winner of the Bona Postulata Award

We are very proud to announce that Pharmacolog has been appointed one of the 2016 winners of the Bone Postulata Award. Reed more on www.bonapostulata.se and http://www.uppgang.com/start/stor-spridning-bland-vinnarna-4073279.aspx. We want to take the opportunity to congratulate all our fellow 2016 winners.

Kallelse till Extra Bolagsstämma


Aktieägarna i Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB (publ), org.nr 556723-6418 (”Bolaget”), kallas härmed till extra bolagsstämma torsdagen den 14 januari 2016 kl. 11.00 i Advokatfirman Lindahls lokaler på Vaksalagatan 10, Uppsala.

Anmälan m.m.

Aktieägare som önskar delta vid bolagsstämman skall:

dels vara införd i den av Euroclear Sweden AB förda aktieboken fredagen den 8 januari 2016, och dels anmäla sin avsikt att närvara senast kl. 16.00 måndagen den 11 januari 2016 per post på adress Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB (publ), Ekeby Bruk A9, 752 75 Uppsala, eller per e-post till hans.dahlin@pharmacolog.se.

Vid anmälan bör uppges aktieägarens namn,...