DrugLog for test against drug diversion at North American hospital

Pharmacolog and a North American hospital have signed an agreement to test DrugLog against drug diversion.

Drug diversion, theft and unapproved usage of narcotic drugs, is a common problem in health care today. Since DrugLog can identify such drugs, and also detect if they have been manipulated, makes DrugLog a possible tool to prevent this development. The interest in using DrugLog for this purpose has been strengthened in the recent past. After a period of negotiation, Pharmacolog has now signed an agreement with a North American hospital for a free evaluation of DrugLog against drug diversion.


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Proposed new boardmembers

Shareholder representing more than 40% of the Pharmacolog shares have announced that they on the annual meeting on Monday 25 April 2016 will propose a partially new board. According to their proposal Karin Meyer and Lena Söderström would replace Gisela Sitbon and Lars Engbrant.

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Stockpicker interviews Pharmacolog

Stockpicker interviews Hans Dahlin, CEO and Founder of Pharmacolog about our activities and future plans related to the ongoing share issue.


Share issue close on Friday

The ongoing share issue for Pharmacolog close on Friday April 22.

Only 2 days left for if you want to invest in this round. Visit our campaign site for more information and documents. Swedish only.


Interview with Hans Dahlin

Hans Dahlin, Founder and CEO, in an interview made by Analysguiden.