DrugLog for test against drug diversion at North American hospital

Pharmacolog and a North American hospital have signed an agreement to test DrugLog against drug diversion.

Drug diversion, theft and unapproved usage of narcotic drugs, is a common problem in health care today. Since DrugLog can identify such drugs, and also detect if they have been manipulated, makes DrugLog a possible tool to prevent this development. The interest in using DrugLog for this purpose has been strengthened in the recent past. After a period of negotiation, Pharmacolog has now signed an agreement with a North American hospital for a free evaluation of DrugLog against drug diversion.


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Pharmacolog strengthens its position on the European market

Pharmacolog has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with PharMed SAM, based in Monaco, for marketing and sales of DrugLog® in Western Europe. The LOI aims for a complete distribution agreement in 2016 but serves as base to allow marketing and sales in cooperation already now.

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Pharmacolog have received order from North American hospital

The previously announced agreement to test DrugLog for detecting drug diversion has resulted in a Purchase Order. Two systems have been installed in different locations and is now in operation. The order includes a three months trial period for evaluation of the system, under a reduced test price. With full acceptance of the system Pharmacolog estimate the value of the combined operations to be between 1-3 MSEK per year depending on test volume.

DrugLog presented at GERPAC

The results of the technical and clinical evaluation of DrugLog® at the University Pharmacy in Geneva (HUG) in 2014 and 2015 were presented orally at the Pharmaceutical Scientific meeting in France (GERPAC) in October. The presentation was compiled by representatives from the Universities in Geneva, Lausanne in Switzerland and Lille in France.

See Article http://www.gerpac.eu/spip.php?article1189

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European Cancer Congress respons on DrugLog 3.5

Pharmacolog presented DrugLog® 3.5 at the annual European Cancer Congress, ECC, which took place in Vienna 26-28 September. The new and updated version of the product received a positive response from the visitors.

ECC is the European organization to organize the annual scientific and industrial meeting in Europe with focus on Medical- and Clinical Oncology (EMCO and ECCO).

Pharmacolog exhibited for the first time at the ECC meeting together with about 100 hundred other companies with business in Oncology. The release of DrugLog® 3.5 was Pharmacology’s key attraction and the eye catcher for the participants.

It was very interesting to experience the great interest for DrugLog® and n...