DrugLog for test against drug diversion at North American hospital

Pharmacolog and a North American hospital have signed an agreement to test DrugLog against drug diversion.

Drug diversion, theft and unapproved usage of narcotic drugs, is a common problem in health care today. Since DrugLog can identify such drugs, and also detect if they have been manipulated, makes DrugLog a possible tool to prevent this development. The interest in using DrugLog for this purpose has been strengthened in the recent past. After a period of negotiation, Pharmacolog has now signed an agreement with a North American hospital for a free evaluation of DrugLog against drug diversion.


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Pharmacolog launching DrugLog® 3.5

After listening to market requests for feature improvements in the current version Pharmacolog is now launching DrugLog® 3.5. The new version of Pharmacolog’s system for quality assurance of intravenous drugs include many improvements and additions to both hardware and software.

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UCS first delivery of complete production units

UCS have made their first delivery of complete production units. Two new units, of the upcoming DrugLog 3.5, was delivered and will now be tested. The new release include a slightly updated external design and a list of new features and technical upgrades. We are very pleased with how UCS have handled this first step. Professional, inventive and high quality.

Pharmacolog at the European Cancer Congress

Pharmacolog will be exhibiting at the European Cancer Congress, ECCO2015, in Vienna, 25-29 September 2015.

Please visit us in Booth 1013.

Pharmacolog selects manufacturing partner

Pharmacolog AB has entered an agreement on a development and production collaboration with UCS Industrial IT AB, involving both mass production and further development of DrugLog®, Pharmacolog’s instrument for quality assurance of clinical intravenous drug handling.

This collaboration, which commenced already last year with deliveries of subcomponents for the current DrugLog® product, will fulfil all Pharmacolog’s sourcing needs of complete instruments for both end customers as well as internal users during the next two years. UCS’ competence in production processes will also serve as a basis for future large scale production as well as render shortened lead times in building new prototypes.